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If you have unwanted electrical and electronic items collecting dust and cluttering up your home or just waiting for someone to take up the tip & dump into landfill, there is a third option –



You can either bring your items to us when our showroom is open

Or if you are unable to drop them off we may be able to pick them up from you, FREE OF CHARGE if you live in the Plymouth area.

So feel free to phone us, or email us (please include a contact phone number)


Donation of a PC/ Laptop -Computer Security

If you donate a PC or Laptop, then the first step preformed is to remove the Hard Drive which is then attached to 'stand alone' machine that wipes and reformats the drive multiple times, totally erasing any personal information that you may have left upon it.



We offer a repair services to the local community, as our Showroom, Warehouse, Repairs areas and technicians are all within one building. This allows us to offer repairs on all the same types of items we sell.


For a quote please feel free to contact us through either email, telephone or dropping by during open hours.

Monday to Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

Saturdays 9:00am to 2:00pm


We will very likely be able to restore them to full working order and will be able to sell them on at affordable prices to people on low incomes (and in some instances give them away to those in severest need).

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